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SPAN-3052 (Span Model of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump)
  1.Stainless steel motor housing, light weight, durability, easy abstraction and move, housing is IEC lp68.
2.Single-phase motor is equipped with built-in thermal protector to prevent motor from overheating.
3.Stainless steel motor housing and lost-wax casting has precision waterproofing without any gap as the iron casting.
4.This model made of stainless steel resists weakacid and wweak-alkalinity wastewater.
5.SIC mechanical seal has waterproofing and corrorion-resisting.
  1.Household wastewater, accumulated water of basement, sewer wastewater drainage.
2.Washing car, watering garden, flowing water of landscape.
3.Pumping station, wastewater treatment.
4.Strainer separates small foreign materials.

  1.The model is used to weak-acid and weakalkalinity wastewater. If draining high corrosive liquid, use other pumps made of special materials.
2.Submersible pump relies on the outside cooling water so don¡¯t use it under the mark of liquid level to avoid overheat.
3.Don¡¯t use it ovet 24 hours. The proper using way will extend the service life.
Performance Curve:

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