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V1100DF-A (V(WQ) Model With Cutting System Submersible Sewage Pump)
Function and feature:
  Submersible pump with cutter is an ideal machine for draining sewage. A high-speed rotating cutter is assembled at the inlet hole of the pump, make it easy to cut off long-fibre and firm sundries contained in the sewage, so as to avoid the imperller is blocked by the entanglement. It is suitable for draining sewage in sanitation, factory, mine and family. The float switch can automatically control on and off with the change of the liquid level. The protector in the motor can automatically cut off the power when it is overheated or overloaded, thus guarantee the ssecurity and reliability of pump¡¯s run even in the atrocious environment.
Condition of usage:
  1.The maximum deep it if allower in water is 5m from its center of impeller;
2.The trans medium¡¯s temperature shouldn¡¯t be higher than 40¡æ;
3.Trans medium¡¯s PH:4-10;
4.Kinematics viscosity  of the trans mediumis:7x10-7-23x10-6m2/s;
5.Density of the trans medium limit:1.2x103kg/m3.

Technical data: Code"F" means pump assembled with float switch

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